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Demografik are a collective of like minded Christchurch creatives, with the finest mix of intelligence, insight, instinct, and imagination that combines not only to design great modern brands, but also curate, advertise and grow them for long term commercial success.

We live in a world where consumers and customers are more savvy, more educated, and more brand aware than ever. Brand loyalty is measured in increasingly smaller increments as people have the ability to make incredibly well informed choices in the blink of an eye. A positive or negative experience can be broadcast to unlimited audiences worldwide within seconds, with massive effect.

Modern brands must not only cut through the white noise of today’s commercial environment to succeed, they must also be designed with the greatest possible flexibility in order to adapt to lightning fast shifts in both technology, and public perception. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, your branding needs to clearly communicate the values and assets of your product or service. From logo, to web, to advertising, every form of touchpoint should consistently affirm a professional and credible outcome.

Although success starts from within an organisation – strengthened through culture, behavior, and attitude – most customers first introductions to a business are from the outside, through various forms of sensory stimulation.  We take pride in making this experience feel as good as possible.

Demografik treat every client like they are our only client….ensuring you have our full attention at all times and our assurance that we aim to over-deliver on your expectations, every project.

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