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2016 Christchurch Marathon success!

Another successful Christchurch Marathon has been run, with record numbers in 2016. We were proud to continue developing a brand that reaches internationally, in so many forms of collateral from web, signage, digital and print. We are looking forward to an even bigger 2017!



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Christchurch Marathon

We are very proud to have rebranded the Christchurch Marathon for 2015, and have fed this brand design throughout all collateral. The Marathon is an iconic event in the Christchurch sporting calendar, and with its return to the Central City this year the thousands of entrants will be treated to a fantastic event.


2015-04-25 11.17.06 2015-04-25 11.18.43

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S3 Construction Brand Creation

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked recently with S3 Construction on a complete brand creation, including renaming from an existing business name. The results below reflect the amazing core values and proven reputation of the business, and also a very clear direction and positioning for the brand in the Christchurch marketplace that will set the business apart from their competitors.

We have completed naming, logo design, creative branding, key messages, copywriting, collateral design, and we are now working on the new website… S3 Stationary_collection 600px


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Prepare to be Moved – Joy Butel Website

After creating a complete brand identity and various print collateral, we have recently finished the design and build of the new website for Christchurch Real Estate agent Joy Butel 

The website gives Joy a home base for her brand and story, and serves to showcase her current and recently sold listings. The importance of having her own website lies in the fact that she can differentiate herself from the hundreds of other agents in Canterbury, and give more prominence to listings online. Most Real Estate websites are very static, and rigid, with agent’s profiles all templated so they seem to appear the same… but not for Joy! Feel free to visit her site, and ‘Prepare to be Moved’.

desktop laptop

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The Elmwood Parents Biz Network

The Elmwood Parents Biz Network has launched, and we are proud to be a part of it! The organisers have invested massive amounts of time and effort, and the result is a one stop shop for information, news, and a directory for parents businesses. Well done to Rachelle and Nicole for bringing this together… please support the businesses involved at

biz website

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Garlic Margarine gets a new spread

More from our packaging team… Artisan Bakehouse recently decided to branch out from Garlic Bread into their own range of spreads, giving consumers the choice to do whatever they wanted with their delicious real garlic margarine. We have developed a brand that encompasses a modern foodie feel, incorporating classic kitchen utensils which help portray the many uses of the product. The resulting design has won the hearts of the supermarket chains, with some retailers removing the competition from the shelves in order to purely stock the Artisan Bakehouse product. The opposition swiftly went into discount overdrive in response to the new brand… but as always, good design and a great product win the battle long term!

Garlic 2

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Hey… Nice Package !

It’s always fun to design packaging. Every product we design for is different… and each has its own special requirements and constraints that make the process just that little bit more interesting.

We have designed flexible packaging for Encircle Medical Devices to accommodate their new range of Travel Socks, which are designed to prevent or treat circulatory problems and poor venous blood flow in the limbs.

The resulting packaging both fits within their existing range of medical socks, and stands out as a separate stand alone product tailored specifically towards the travel market.

encircle1 encircle2


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EB Engineering Website Design

Immersion Marketing Management from Dunedin commissioned us to design the new website for EB Engineering Immersion developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the 65 year old business, which was in need of a refreshed image, and new positioning to further enhance and grow their market share.

Certain brand elements and colours were used, with a fresh approach given to outlining the key messages of the company. The design is clean, and allows a showcase of the imagery, and clear navigation through to other pages and sub-services within the organization.



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Friends With Benefits

We recently designed and built a flash new website for Corkin and Friends, a central Christchurch hair salon. The salon had moved post earthquake, and is a credit to the owner Stewart Corkin and his team. All that was missing was a website to help keep clients informed, and to appeal to new customers.

After working through the requirements for the site, we collectively developed a website that is both informational, and conversational – and is in very close keeping with the friendly atmosphere of the salon. Corkin and Friends now have the ability to update their latest news, promotions, and general goings-on quickly and easily in their content management system, reducing long term costs in managing the site. And oh – if you ever need an amazing quality cut or style, while having a coffee and a chat… you know where to go !  to arrange a booking.




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Bulls Eye !


We are brand makers and curators. Lovers of form, champions of function. It also seems our team has a collective penchant for good old oily espresso. Coffee Experts we certainly are not…but we know what we like…and this knowledge has led us to develop our very own “Bulls Eye” blend of Ethiopian beans to help make those stressful moments If you would like to sample our blend, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to share !

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A creative agency is a funny thing. We spend all day, and most nights firing ideas, thoughts, and random musings amongst each other, all with the aim of fulfilling our client’s wildest dreams. Until now, we have kept these snippets of enlightenment to ourselves but we feel it is time to get a few things off our chests and let the big world into our small world. And why wouldn’t we ? we have all enjoyed the fruits of the internet for many years now…become voyeurs into the lives and information of the global masses. Like the words of The Magic Numbers “when you gonna let somebody in?”, it is now our time to give something back, and that ‘somebody’ is you. May the information and titillation begin…

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