Body Synergy

Dunedin’s Body Synergy is a gym with a difference. They offer customised expert training, personal service and leading edge exercise and sports technology to enhance your life. This combined with musculoskeletal treatment, gives a full range of services under the one roof. Capturing the breadth of services inside a cohesive modern brand proved challenging, but the outcome has set the gym up with branding that really captures the essence of its staff and its customers.

The logo is an abstract BS, and the separate elements have been used as conversational devices that act as vehicles for various quotes, and key service statements. The flexibility in this delivery style is very broad, and the shapes can be used easily in groups, or in isolation. The tagline ‘you’re in the best hands’ sums up both the service aspect of the gym experience, and also relates to the remedial massage and treatment side of the business.

Use of greyscale imagery throughout the branding and website keeps a focus on the core brand colours, and the strength of the written statements.