Cannonhill Gourmet

There comes a time in every brand's life when it's time for either a refresh, or a full rebrand. Packaged products face the same fate - tastes and trends change with the times, and often the relevance of packaging towards the target market diminishes as fresh new ideas begin to replace older ones.

Christchurch's Cannonhill Gourmet faced a similar predicament. Their phenomenal range of dips, hummus, and specialty products had amazing flavours, but the packaging just didn't stand out on the shelf anymore. With increased sales into supermarkets, compared to their early market-based beginnings, they needed both a brand and packaging that stood out amongst the busy packed shelves, and made customers curious about their products.

We developed a brand based on simple catchphrases, and clear bold colour schemes to help capture the imagination of the audience as well as showcase the rich food imagery we had to work with. Making gourmet products more accessible to everyday shoppers was the key aim, and making those shoppers identify with the language and conversational feel was paramount in the brand creation. The outcome is a very strong platform for future brand growth, that includes a very wide range of shoppers into the once exclusive world of gourmet flavour. Food never felt so good...