Eastgate Shopping Centre Signage

In late 2012 Immersion Marketing commissioned Demografik to design a new concept for the Eastgate Shopping Centre outdoor signage. The challenge was to work within existing brand guidelines, yet come up with a fresh and appealing new look for the facade of the Centre.

After researching the demographic of the Centre, and working closely with Immersion on defining the key customer types, we decided to organise a photo shoot on-site to capture 5 typical people or groups that frequent Eastgate. The resulting shoot gave us a perfect expression of the target market, and some lovely imagery to work into the design. The style was kept informal and fresh, with backgrounds reflecting different parts of the centre, screened by the core brand colours.

The impact has been huge, totally transforming the exterior of the Centre. The creative imagery and photography style has since been translated into other interior applications, including the design of multiple window graphics, giving continuity throughout.