Ethos Woodfires

Competition in the New Zealand woodfire business is fierce. Ethos Fires are competing against a wide range of companies, in a slowly diminishing marketplace due to tighter regional restrictions on emissions. Luckily for Ethos, they produce ultra low emission fires, and this is a great point of difference.

Their old branding though, didn't differentiate them enough from their competitors, and assist them in standing out. Our job was to develop an underlying brand message, and carry this through to a new visual brand that defined Ethos as a leader in the industry, with fresh appeal towards their key markets. Leveraging off their name, we devised the question 'What's your Ethos?', with a series of key product statements that define their woodfires and the thinking behind them. This serves as a double edge question - 'what do you think about low emissions etc?' and when looking at the range of fires 'which Ethos will be yours?'.

The resulting design has a human element to it, which is lacking in most woodfire brands which concentrate more on product. This connection is important in helping the buyer connect with the emotions or feelings they will experience once they have their own Ethos fire. We then used the E in the logo as a further branding device, with a fresh colour palette and typography incorporated giving the entire brand its own strong and clear position in the market.