In order to facilitate effective brand awareness and recognition, a company logotype, brandmark, or symbol needs to be instantly recognisable and easy to remember. Often a logo is the first thing a consumer sees of a brand, and the relative perceptions need to back up the intended brand experience.

Repeat exposure of shapes, colours, and forms etch indelible memories in target audiences minds. This repetition builds trust, and helps people make choices based on their perceptions of quality, service, and integrity.

We love the challenge of managing this relationship between the visual response of the consumer, and the creative process of developing core brand assets into such forms. Not every business needs a symbol to go with their brand name, and we are just as comfortable in developing wordmarks that carry as much impact as a symbol. During our research, positioning, and creative process, we decide what will work best for each business, and always offer several options before narrowing the focus and creating the final product. Taglines are a part of this process, and we specialise in memorable lines to support and enhance the brand message.