Preens Drycleaning

Some companies have a little more history than others. Preens Drycleaning in Dunedin are one of those. A family business, Preens has been dominating the Otago market for over 70 years, and their understanding of the industry is second to none.

Although Preens had adapted to industry and market changes over the years, including development of different brand elements, there was little cohesion between the various services they offer under the main brand, and advertising efforts had become disjointed. Working with Immersion Marketing, Demografik formulated a new brand for Preens based on their undying love for what they do, and the resulting appreciation of their services from their customers.The logo device is a simple, yet very effective adaption of a coathanger, and this sets the scene for the entire brand.

Based around the central statement "If you really love something, send it to Preens", the various service offerings all received their own supporting copy line and imagery. There is now a very tight and cohesive set of brand elements, that have been rolled out into various forms of advertising, brochures, and signage. Needless to say.... we really love it!