The Merino Company

The Merino Company are market leaders in Merino garment technology, and manufacture. When performance is required, they know exactly how to tailor clothing to fit the technical requirements, utilising the unique properties of Merino wool.

Driza-Bone - a well established heritage clothing brand - needed a fresh line of Merino clothing to fit their ever changing market. From farmers to athletes, they saw an opportunity to cater to the customer, and deliver a high level product. Our challenge was to develop two separate sub-brands within the Driza-Bone family. One was aimed at farmers and lifestyle customers who were looking for a practical garment without the high tech features and styling. The other was aimed at athletes, and outdoors people who require the performance elements and stlye.

The two brands, 1898 and Activ, were designed with the core customers at the forefront of our thinking. Distinctive looks were created, with an anchoring reference to the Driza-Bone parent brand. Resulting design has included swing-tags, point of sale material and promotional booklets.

Merino wool sales to global manufacturers are also a huge part of the business. Demografik have designed promotional material for sales staff, including handling the design for international show stand graphics.