Let’s face it… it’s an increasingly digital world. For your business, that means not only a presence online, but a compelling one often beyond just a website.

For most businesses, a website is the ‘home base’ of the brand. Regardless of stores, products, or ways to market, a website is the ultimate validation of who you are and what you do. Most of us do our homework on a product or service online before making contact, buying, or visiting a store, so making this an experience that gets an outcome is critical. Multi-device, responsive websites are now also a basic requirement, meaning users can experience your website from anywhere, anytime.

E-commerce is becoming more popular, and critical to business by the year, and post-COVID has kept many business afloat. From selling products, to fundraising and taking donations, we have enabled many businesses to grow their sales and expand their revenue streams online. We always aim to build websites that are E-commerce capable, with the ability to add in functionality as required. We can easily inherit existing websites and hosting, or start from scratch depending on where you are at, and can manage the entire process for you if required.

Demografik also specialise in value-added, design and content driven social media, to build and grow conversations with new and potential customers including showcasing your products and services. Plans are available depending on your budget and needs, so feel free to get in touch to build or grow your social media presence.